About Us

Geographic Drone is an aerial imaging and mapping service providing a complete drone solution.
 We are able to get within a few feet of the action. We can capture the highest resolution still and motion video images to meet all your aerial photography needs and deliver the highest quality and best value UAV services. We are always testing new equipment and software to provide the best results and make recommendations on findings.Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) otherwise known as drones, is an emerging technology that is growing exponentially. With growth comes greater responsibility and respect.

While the FAA is regulating the airspace, Geographic Drone is operating well within the limits of safety and will respect privacy of others. We work with engineering firms, advertising & marketing companies, architects, surveyors, law firms, production houses, ranchers, mapping/photogrammetry, 3D rendering, farmers, aerial property damage inspections, real estate agencies, public safety agencies or businesses that look for a new way to enhance their applications. 

Call us and let us help you with a complete drone solution. Our highly-trained FAA licensed pilots operate within the FAA part 107 rule to maintain safe flight operations and we are fully covered by Bill White Aircraft Insurance. Safety is paramount. Our goal is to help the customer take advantage of every resource available and bring their project to a new level with aerial video capturing stunning views from strategic vantage points or whatever project they are working on. We evoke emotion through our video.